Your Face Speaks Louder Than What You Say

If your face is going to ‘talk‘ for you anyway, you might as well have it communicate something positive.” John Maxwell

I love this photo! I love the young gal in this photo too (she’s a relative we don’t see near enough)…

Just look at her expression and you know exactly what she’s thinking and feeling…it’s obvious…she’s having one of those lovely, “This is a blast!” moments that a person never forgets.

Even if the background in this photo were blank…anyone looking at the picture would still smile because she’s smiling for all she’s worth…and that smile is powerfully contagious.

Get that.

A. Smile. Is. Powerfully. Contagious.

I love this story from John Maxwell where he talks about a discovery he made as a child looking in the mirror.

Maxwell writes –

“When I was in third grade, I remember looking at myself in the mirror one morning and thinking, I am not a handsome guy. What am I going to do with a face like this? Then I smiled. And I thought, That helps.

Enough said. 🙂

Now, go smile for someone (or a lot of someones).


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