Here’s Hoping…My Short List

It’s Friday morning (the morning of the big 4th of July holiday weekend) and here’s my “short list” for the day. Remembering some people begin their celebrating before the work day is even over, you’ll see why I have to be a hopeful sort to even “hope” I can “X” off these items before 5:00pm today.

The Short List –

1. I hope I hear from the editors I’m waiting on today.
2. I hope I hear from sources today so I can proceed working today.
3. I hope I can figure out some tech issues today.
4. I hope I can put aside all of the above at the end of today (and remember to say “Happy Birthday” to the great country we live in.)

Rereading my list it’s clear to me that I can hold onto hope all I want, but I need to let go of expectation.

As author Caryn Rivadeneira writes in her new release, Grumble Hallelujah: Learning to Love Your Life Even When It Lets You Down, hope is good, expectation…not so much.

Hope is a longing. Expectation is a demand. Hope admits frailty and uncertainty and teetering trust. Expectation thumps a fist and exerts power. Hope is a virtue. Expectation – in most circumstances, probably – is a vice.

When lived out, expectation gruffs and pants and paces. Hope smiles and stills and waits. Expectations let us down, leave us hanging. Hope lifts us up, sends us flying. Expectations disappoint. Hope does not.”


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