Emotional Triggers — Those Happy/Sad Feelings We All Experience

Let’s take a quiz.

Which of the following scenarios can trigger an emotional upset?

1. Young adult son gets a tattoo.
2. Young adult son buys a motorcycle.
3. Young adult son believes he will be safe on motorcycle.
4. Young adult daughter marries a wonderful young adult man.

If you answered, #1,2 or 3…you’d be right (and wrong). Scenario number #4 triggers just as much emotion as the other three options. We often mistakenly believe that if a life experience is positive then it will trigger only positive, uplifting emotions. The truth is, even the most joyful and happy occasions cause stress and inner stress can cause a meltdown of emotions.

So what to do?

Learn to recognize that even the best of times makes a person vulnerable to emotional swings. Then learn to manage the emotions (and not let them manage you.)

Common Top Triggers:

*Positive Life Stress

Job promotions, weddings, vacations, even the most coveted of life’s milestones can precipitate short-term depression in mid-life women. Surprisingly, many women don’t realize how much emotional toll these beneficial experiences can take on their mental and emotional psyche. As with everything in life, balance is key. Realistic planning is also highly recommended for all women, no matter what their age or station in life.

*Negative Life Stress

Family emergencies, extended care-giving responsibilities, financial upsets, unresolved relational issues, childcare dilemmas, and workplace challenges…are part and parcel of the majority of women’s daily existence. Long-term perspective is a must coupled with a strong support group of fellow travelers who can come along side with empathy, care, and unconditional acceptance, is more vital now than ever before. Enlisting (and lending) anticipated help before the next major landslide of distressing events is especially crucial at this period of mid-life.

*Shifts in Health

Sadly, many mid-life women neglect their health by avoiding regular check-ups with the family doctor, gynecologist, dentist, and ophthalmologist, not recognizing how quickly most delineations from former good health can be detected and corrected. Simply showing up can make a difference. Women especially need to be checked for ever altering hormone levels, informed on how their current meds will affect their bodies and emotions, and what signs to be on the watch for according to their particular family health history.

Health-Inducing Restoratives

*Exercise, Stretch, and Sleep

As women age, regularity in habits and scheduling becomes primary. The body will respond to even the simplest minor alterations toward good health. Discover the least resistant path to consistently exercise, eat healthily, and sleep effectively and make these habits a priority.

*Realistic Expectations

Striving for excellence is exemplary…expecting perfection is counter-productive. All of life is riddled with imperfection, brokenness, and frailty. It is the wise woman who does what she can to make a positive difference. Wiser still, is the same woman who understands she cannot fix every thing, person, or situation…and she makes peace with that fact.

*Healthy Relationships

Prudent women recognize healthy boundaries that include immediate family and close friends. Surround yourself with people who support your efforts, stand by your decisions, and are at the ready to offer assistance when required.


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