Wedding Day Indulgences — and the Best RX Tips for Hair Styling for Every Day

The wedding might be over…but the memories are just taking hold. One of which is the morning of the big day where we spent hours getting ready…a bonding experience only females can truly appreciate. We had lots of food…beverages…and laughs (lots of those).

Good friend and fabulous hair designer, Mary Anne Johnson, transformed everyday hair to wow hair! As she worked, Mary also gave us lots of helpful tips for keeping our hair in the best shape possible after the wedding.

Maryanne Johnson of An Va Spa & Salon says —

It is amazing how far “hair care” has come. It is much more like pharmacy now and an educated hair stylist professional should be able to help get the right “prescription” for every client.

Here are a few very important RX solutions.

· For the fair-haired – Use small amounts of effective shampoo, not those full of unnecessary fillers. Most important, consistent use a conditioning treatment that is processed with some protein bonds as it penetrates the hair shaft and doesn’t simply lie on top where it does little good.

· You should only be washing your hair every two to three days, not every day. Washing or wetting the hair daily is very hard on the hair shaft. Opening and closing the small fibers causes stress and therefore makes the hair more fragile and porous and when hair is over washed it becomes limp.

· Using a hair-smoothing product that contains SPF helps immensely in every season whether it is fall coolness, or winter dryness. Add small amounts and work in these smoothers to the ends only of the hair every day to keep it bouncy and shiny. Heating your hair up in the morning just briefly with a blow dryer can reactivate your conditioning product from the day before and your hair will bounce back.

· While it is important to add some leave-in smoothers or a bit of shine emollient to restore the next day’s hair, it is just as vital that these products are added only to the ends and the shafts of the hair. Keep all products off your scalp or you will have an oily residue on your head. Thus, the term “hair only” products.


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