Prescriptions, Remedies, and Cures — Parenting in Front of Watchful Eyes

Recently, Jennifer Reich of asked me if I had a “prescription” for a few parenting topics. Straightforward questions. Simple answers. Easy.

Or not. Real life almost always translates differently than what we expect (and hope). Sometimes the “real” is far better than we imagined. Other times the “real” can be far more difficult. But in either scenario, all moms embrace their own personal “Prescription for Life” for parenting.

And our kids (no matter what their age) are watching us. What we do (and say) matters. Whether it’s modeling healthy eating habits, daily exercise, positive self-discipline, or a selfless attitude toward others…the youngsters who share our heart and home are paying attention. They’re observing both the “ills” and the “remedies” we live out in every area of life.

Moms may not see transformation overnight (or for many years)…but eventually when a child starts modeling the principles they’ve been taught by putting them into practice in their own lives, it feels like the perfect cure for whatever ails you.


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