Guest Posts

Guest Post by Jory Fisher — Pathway to Purpose

Not long ago I had a conversation with former attorney and law professor, Jory Fisher, during which time she asked me a variety of questions (some I knew the answers to, others I’m working on answering) about my immediate and long-term goals (for life, work, and ministry). I was amazed how much clarity I received after that brief thirty minute interchange. Since then, I’ve been able to refine (and define) what I want to do and how to best get there. Jory helped me better understand my gifts…and that ability of hers is a gift indeed.

Check out Julie Fleming’s interview of Jory here.

More about Jory’s work here.

Beginning in July, Jory is starting a brand new program to help women discover their passion and purpose…here’s the scoop!

There’s a lot of “here’s” here…but remember, in order to get from “here to there” you have to take the first step. Here’s how…

Details about Heart & Soul for Women of Faith here!

If you’re striving to make a meaningful difference in the world… If you’re longing to lead a purposeful, passionate, prosperous life… If you’re determined to be a successful entrepreneur… Welcome to Heart & Soul for Women of Faith.

A former attorney, law professor, and Youth For Christ ministry director, Jory holds coaching certifications from the International Coach Federation, the Institute for Life Coach Training, the Career Coach Academy, the Christian Coaches Network, and the True Purpose™ Institute.

Questions to ponder…and with Jory’s sensitive direction, you’ll find the answers.

Do you long to make a bigger, more meaningful difference, but aren’t sure how?

Do you aspire to earn an excellent living while fulfilling your life purpose?

Do you sometimes feel disheartened, isolated, and overwhelmed?


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