Ask Three Questions — Change Your Life

Several years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with a good, good, friend to Italy (for the second time). Looking back, I can describe that trip in a single word. Diverse.

Wherever we walked, we were surprised by the diversity surrounding us. One minute the city walls encircled us, a five-minute walk down the road, we’d encounter lush green hills. Outside, the contrast fluctuated between ancient and modern. Inside, the same. Beautiful. Unique. Amazing. Diverse.

Something for everyone’s tastes and interests to appreciate and feel passionate about.

In a similar way, John Maxwell encourages his audiences to ask three questions of themselves to change their lives by igniting the passion inside of them. Maxwell understands everyone is different (diverse) and he suggests this 1,2,3 step process toward living a life of significance.

1. What do you sing about?

2. What do you cry about?

3. What do you dream about?

These introspective questions are important because when a person is passionate about something…he is energized, he is focused, he has willpower, he works toward excellence, and his enthusiasm is contagious

Why so?

Maxwell writes…as individuals understand what makes them sing on the inside…they start applying their gifts in their area of strength, seeing that they are making a difference, and realizing their life has purpose.

1. I am gifted at what I do (strength zone).

2. What I do makes a difference (results).

3. When I do what I was made to do, I feel most alive (purpose).

Diversity is a beautiful thing.


4 thoughts on “Ask Three Questions — Change Your Life

    1. I think Maxwell hit it right with these questions…made me stop and think about what’s going on inside of me when I write, review, speak…and helped me focus on where I need to put my energy most…I’ve revisited them too when I start going off-track…which happens more often than I like to admit!

  1. Reblogged this on One Size Fits All: Making Healthy Choices, Step Into a Meaningful Life and commented:

    Sometimes analytics tell me what’s hot and what’s not. Of late, readers have been hitting this post pretty often and I started wondering if it’s because spring is almost here and people are itching for a change. I know I am. So, when lots of folks start rereading the same post, I follow suit. This morning I decided that rather than write a new article, I wanted new readers (and old ones) to revisit this topic right along with me. Ask three questions – change your life. 🙂

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