UPSIDE – As Opposed to a Downward Spiral

Over the weekend, before the storms hit, before we lost power that took down two electrical poles, before an errant light bulb exploded into a million bits of sparking electricity all over my head…I read a book that affected how I viewed this sudden loss of power, comfort, and control.

Because the premise of this text is learning to accurately “read” the state of our nation and is titled, “UPSIDE: Surprising GOOD NEWS About the State of Our World,” I was already prepared to push past my discomfort and find something positive (or at least extract a teachable moment) from this unexpected event.

Author Bradley Wright, PhD, discusses how essential embracing an “UPSIDE” mentality is for individuals since viewing the world as getting worse bears many personal costs. Wright says, “Constant negative thinking can result in a shorter life span, increased depression and distress, less resistance to the common cold, worse psychological and physical well-being, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and diminished coping skills during times of stress.”

Wright offers many stats on the true state of our world which will have readers shocked (in the best way possible) and then rethinking where they get their information and more important, why are they believing these glib negative statements without checking to be sure they’re true?

To get all the “goods” this book has to offer, you’ll have to read it for yourself.

Wright offers a few “send-off” suggestions for handling media related reports like a pro.

1. Be aware of good news.
2. Be skeptical of what you hear, especially negative news.
3. Distinguish “is” from “ought.”
4. Match resources to problems.
5. Simplify, consume less.
6. Entangle yourself in social relationships.

As we know, knowledge, insight, experience, means nothing until it is “applied” to our lives…how did I apply Wright’s upside thinking this weekend?

I was gratefully aware it could have been much worse.

1. No one was hurt.
2. No one’s home was leveled.
3. The discomfort was temporary, not permanent.
4. It was a timely reminder of how much people need other people’s goodwill during times of trouble.


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