Katie Talks Carolina – A Review :)

Writing is so personal and writers invest so much of themselves into their work that risking being misunderstood can be a daunting proposition. So, when a reviewer reads an author’s work and “gets it” it’s something worth celebrating. Katie of Katie Talks Carolina got it” this week…and I can’t wait to share her review with you!

Burdens Do a Body Good – Book Review
by Katie

Honestly, when I read the title of this book, “Burdens do a Body Good” written by Michele Howe & Christopher Foetisch, I was thinking, “Are you kidding me? I don’t want the burdens I have and surely they are not doing me any good!”. But as I sat down to read this book, even before I finished the first page, I knew this was a book I wanted to read. No, needed to read.

About “Burdens Do a Body Good”:

“Being a woman in today’s world means wrestling—physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally—with lots of weighty struggles. Lifestyle mentor Michele Howe and orthopedic surgeon Christopher Foetisch offer a well-rounded “training manual” filled with inspirational insight and practical advice for handling life’s toughest battles with inner and outer strength. Thematic chapters begin with Howe’s trademark real-life vignettes and essays on personal and situational topics: loss, sorrow, aging, job displacement, divorce, parenting issues, financial setbacks, illness, and more.

Women will identify with the experiences of other women, and how each found and developed the emotional and spiritual strength to meet the challenges she faced. Foetisch then provides practical weight-bearing “exercises” for body and soul health, and information on staying strong and well, no matter your age or circumstances. Valuable take-away action thoughts, meaningful quotations, and concluding Scripture verses complete the “workout.”

Women will be delighted and surprised at the recommendations, choices, and options available to them. They’ll discover new ways of dealing with old problems and develop the multifaceted fitness they need to fearlessly face all of life’s challenges.”

I, for one, really enjoyed this book and it definitely came at a time where I really needed to read it. It is not so much about. “If you have this burden – DO THIS,” but more like, our actions and reactions towards certain life challenges can determine how we feel while going through that challenge and by just changing our perspective (or our reaction) may help us to get through those challenges a little easier.

Even small changes, like taking deep breaths, may ease anxiety when it rears it’s ugly head. It is a book that is a useful reminder of what we can do to help us through each day, it is not full of fancy, new fangled, tricks. It is real life examples of what we can do.

Each chapter ends with a “Takeaway Thought” (a one or two sentence synopsis of the chapter), as well as ” Weight Bearing Exercises”. These exercises are specific to each chapter and are suggestions of things you can do to help you through those particular life challenges.

For example, Chapter 15 is titled “Failure” and although the chapter itself talks about how we perceive failure, at the end of the book, some of the weight bearing exercises the authors give us include:

~ When setting a goal or objective, be specific as to what you are trying to accomplish or achieve.

~ Make sure your goal or objective is realistic and attainable.

~ Set a time frame to complete your goal.

~ Once you have set your objective, ask yourself why you are doing it at this particular time.

Then, each of the Weight Bearing Exercises have more detail included for each one.

This book is not just meant for women (or people) who are going through the worst of life’s challenges, at least that is my opinion. I think it would be a great book for any woman, at any age, because, WE ARE WOMEN. We feel burdens, anxieties, failures, on a daily basis and I absolutely would recommend this book to anyone.”


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