Michele's Books

Prescription for Life on Kindle

As a book lover and as a reviewer, it’s taken me some time to get my head and heart around changing technology. I appreciate the value of instant connections, email, internet, iPods, iPads, and the like as much as anyone…but a part of me is resisting seeing my work (and words) offered on an electronic device. Maybe it’s because some of my fondest parenting moments are of reading stacks of books to my children every day for years. Or maybe it’s the memories of relaxing with a good book at the beach. For me, books (the kind I can hold and mark up and dog-ear) mean something special to me and I doubt that will ever change. Still, I understand the value of keeping pace with the changing world of publishing and technology…and I suppose as long as readers are reading words (no matter by what mode), that’s the most important thing.


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