Novel, New and Necessary — Garden Pleasures by Bari Newcombe

I love flowers. I love their color, I love their smell, I love the variety. But I have a confession. I cannot grow them. Can. Not. I have tried reading gardening books of all sorts, I have followed the advice of friends who can grow those beautiful blooms…and still no success. I suppose it’s time to admit defeat once and for all and call in an expert. For anyone living in the NW Ohio/SE Michigan area, I am pleased to recommend Garden Pleasures owned and operated by Bari Newcombe. Take a few minutes to look over her advice for spring gardening tips…and then call her for an appointment today!


1. Remember if pruning spring flowering trees, shrubs, or perennials that you have up to two weeks after they bloom to prune (otherwise you will be affecting the next year’s blossoms).

2. Leave foilage on spring blooming bulbed flowers until they turn yellow/brown (leaves are the plant’s way to take in nutrients into the bulb for next year’s production).

3. Cut down any grasses/woody perennials before new spring growth begins.

What Garden Pleasures offers —

-annual spring & fall clean up
-garden design
-garden makeovers
-pruning, roses, perrenials, & trees (limited)

Garden Pleasures- 419-944-6813 (Bari Newcombe)

A little bit about Bari

Bari is a MSU certified master gardener. She started being interested in gardening as a child helping her next door neighbor! After 25yrs of baking (and an excellent baker she is having taste-tested her creations many times over the years), Bari switched careers. At her husband’s urging, Bari decided to go into business for herself in 2005. She continues to keep current with everything gardening related by reading newsletters from various nurseries, horticulture & gardening magazines, & attending flower shows. Contact Bari today — she’s Novel, New and Necessary!


One thought on “Novel, New and Necessary — Garden Pleasures by Bari Newcombe

  1. Bari has done work for me & did a wonderful job. She took out some of the old things & replaced them for a better up to date look.

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