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Prescription for Life, Making Meaningful Choices, Building a Healthy Life ebook

Ever wonder if it’s possible to write the book before the book has been written? Well, it is in this case. Before my co-author and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Christopher A. Foetisch and I wrote our book, Burdens Do a Body Good: Meeting Life’s Challenges with Strength (and Soul), we, in fact, did write a book. What you have before is the culmination of women’s health, medical and surgical informational articles that we collaborated on before we started writing the Burdens Do a Body Good book project.

When Dr. Foetisch and I first met in 2005, I was a patient needing shoulder surgery and he was my surgeon. Even though the surgery went perfectly, my first recovery experience was a difficult one. As I healed (and over time), I began to realize that my struggles weren’t so unique. It was then that Dr. Foetisch and I started writing articles addressing some of the most common health questions and concerns women face. Many of the chapters you’ll find in this book are drawn from my own life, while some of them have been experienced by women I know or those whom I have interviewed. All of them are very personal to me. Whether you consider yourself healthy and fit or are struggling with some weighty issue, there are steps you can take to help ensure you’ll stay your healthy best or regain the optimal wellness you desire.

As you’ll see, much of health is about choices, what we say “yes” to as well as what we say “no” to in our every day decisions. Information, no matter how valuable it is, remains worthless unless we grab hold of its principles and put them to use in our lives. Each one of us determines the quality of life as it pertains to our health. Our hope is that you’ll discover how much influence you have despite periodic seasons of setback, illness, or injury. As you read, remember that your unique “Prescription for Life” means you must make meaningful choices to build your healthy life.


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