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New Friends Sharing Fresh Vision for 2011

It’s always a joy when you have the opportunity to share a long conversation with a friend. Catching up, making plans, dreaming about the future…these are essential components to a good conversation and a solid friendship. Yesterday I had the great pleasure of speaking with two new friends, Jory Fisher and Beth Scanzani, esteemed and very talented radio hosts for the Heart & Soul radio program. Jory and Beth regularly invite women to conversations focusing on three primary factors. Purpose, passion, and perseverance.

It is these three touchpoints that were the foundation for our interview yesterday where we discussed (in lively fashion) how women can come alongside other women…by either leading the way or offering a hand of encouragement. Since every woman lives a uniquely different life than others around her, we focused on how alike we all are on the inside and how our experiences may appear “different” than another woman’s…but our responses are frequently similar. By the end of our hour together, I felt encouraged, revitalized, and challenged to make the most of 2011. I hope you’ll take the time to visit Women Find Purpose and be encouraged too!


2 thoughts on “New Friends Sharing Fresh Vision for 2011

  1. Michele, you were such a delightful guest! Beth and I loved having you on our show and look forward to further conversation. It’s such a pleasure to “come alongside” you as we journey through this life together.

    Bless you for who you are and all you do!



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