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Women Heal By Sharing Stories — Conversations with Dr. Nancy

Dr. Nancy O’Reilly was gracious enough to interview me on her Conversations with Dr. Nancy radio program. It struck me after the radio conversation that Dr. Nancy’s website, Women Speak, couldn’t be more appropriately titled. During our thirty-minute interview, Dr. Nancy and I shared our thoughts on the value of one woman walking along-side another woman…bringing encouragement, practical help, and always a strong positive word of affirmation. Throughout our “conversation,” I was impressed with Dr. Nancy’s countless areas where she actively gives of her time and resources to women across the country. Dr. Nancy doesn’t just talk about helping women, she matches action steps to her convictions. Please take a few minutes and visit Dr. Nancy’s site and listen to our conversation because it’s true, “Women Heal Through Sharing Stories.” 🙂

Are you quietly suffering, trying to endure a tough life circumstance while caring heroically for everyone else? That’s what happened to Michele when her good health started to deteriorate and take her on a downward spiral.

Writer and lifestyle mentor, Michele Howe turned to friends for healing. It was their wisdom and the help of her orthopedic surgeon that helped her realize that she was not alone. There were other women who felt the same in midlife and they could find strength by helping one other.

Michele started writing health articles with her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Foetisch, and ultimately a book, called Burdens Do A Body Good. This book is a training manual that provides women with inspirational insight and practical advice for handling life’s toughest battles with inner and other strength.

Hear Michele and Dr. Nancy describe how, by helping others, you can help yourself.

Click the icon to the left of “Listen Now” on the left side of WomenSpeak Home Page.


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