The Daughter Project — Setting Girls Free from Human Trafficking in NW Ohio

The Daughter Project is a non-profit organization in Northwest Ohio that exists to help girls recover from the trauma of human sex trafficking and to help prevent them from being trafficked through community education. Please explore their site to learn about the inspiration and goals & then prayerfully consider joining them.


The U.S Government estimates that nearly 30,000,000 people worldwide are suffering from human trafficking with about 1,000,000 more being added to these numbers every year.

Trafficking for labor & sexual exploitation is probably the second most profitable activity in the world for organized crime.

The U.S. Government also estimates that nearly 20,000 people are trafficked into the U.S. for labor or sexual exploitation every year.

Youth who are trafficked come from urban, suburban and rural areas & are recruited at schools, after-school programs, malls, bus & train stations and truck stops.

Many of the girls are runaways and the vast majority come from homes where they were already suffering from abuse and have parents that were likely addicted to drugs.

The Ohio Trafficking Task Force has estimated that there are 1,000 victims of trafficking within Ohio.

Toledo, Ohio has been cited by the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as a top U.S. recruitment city for trafficking children into commercial sexual exploitation.

The FBI’s October 2009 Operation Cross-Country led to the arrest of 700 individuals, rescued 52 girls and 7 of those girls were from Toledo.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has reported that there are only 4 recovery homes in the entire country and combined, they are able to provide services for only 45 victims.

The Daughter Project serves to take back these victims and their communities by offering girls rescue, safety, and a place to heal. After reading the statistics above, the question isn’t, “Should I get involved?” rather, it’s “How can I not get involved?”

// PURPOSE To help girls recover from the trauma of human sex trafficking and to help prevent them from being trafficked through community education. The foundation of this help will be Godly, biblical and holistic.

// CORE BELIEFS God is the creator of everything. God is the redeemer of His creation through His son, Jesus Christ. God works through believers to become change agents of help and hope to a hurting world.

// PROGRAM To provide holistic healing services in an extremely safe, home-like environment to girls who have been freed from human sex trafficking. The services will include; spiritual mentoring, abuse & addiction counseling, health & nutrition education, medical/dental/vision care, legal counsel, and family/friend restoration. This help will be provided by caring & competent professionals & volunteers. In addition, we will offer education, job and housing assistance.

What You Can Do — Three Action Steps

A. Pray that builders, suppliers and volunteers will donate expertise, material and labor to build the home (or maybe they can donate one of these 3 things to the building project).
B. Apply to be a House Mom, Mentor or Teacher. Teachers are needed most of all because they have none at this time.
C. Join the Adopt-A-Daughter group by making a 2-year commitment to pray daily for and donate monthly to one particular girl. The amount of the donation is not important; even $5/month would be wonderful. The important part is that individuals make a long-term commitment to praying and caring for a girl who is going to need a long time to recover.


One thought on “The Daughter Project — Setting Girls Free from Human Trafficking in NW Ohio

  1. I would like to learn more about voliunteering. I would like to know what the qualifcations are to volunteering as a teacher, and how you become involved in helping, as well as who to contact. I live near by, in Perrysburg, and really enjoy volunteering and helping people. I read the information above last night and have been saying prayers. Please contact me and please give me a phone number to contact someone to talk with about volunteering, thanks.

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