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Saying “Yes” When It Gets Uncomfortable — From Publishing to Promotion

Writing a book is easy (well, no, it’s not…it can be tedious, laborious, and filled with lots of “Why am I doing this?” moments in between signing a contract (happy day #1) and sending the completed manuscript (happy day #2) off to the publisher).

Promoting a book is hard. Every step of the way. Every day. Every week. Every month. Every year. It too, can be tedious, laborious, and filled with lots of “Why am I doing this?” moments.

Then, just like in life, there are those bright shining moments of pure grace and overflowing happiness when a writer realizes all the rejections, the setbacks, and all the head/shoulder pain is worth it.

Let me share a few of these recent pure grace moments for which I am so thankful with you…

1. Thankful for…getting invited to be interviewed by FOX Toledo’s Laura Emerson, on Talk Back. From the minute I entered the studio, Laura was kindly gracious, warm and welcoming to me…and did I ever appreciate it given my lack of television experience. It’s been said the mark of a great person is when they make you feel great…well, then Laura is GREAT! Even though I fumbled along during the interview, she kept encouraging me with her positivity and professionalism. No wonder she’s a well-loved NW Ohio/SE Michigan television personality…viewers can sense her genuineness.

2. Thankful for…getting the opportunity to take part in Monroe County’s Tenth Annual Writers on the River author event. The library system fed us a lovely lunch and then opened the doors to the public for three hours. It was fun to sit and talk with other authors and compare notes on new projects, current books, and the latest happenings in the publishing industry. Meeting readers is always a very good time…so the afternoon left me with some wonderful memories, a fresh perspective, and lots of incentive to move forward on some ideas I’ve had brewing lately.

Writing is mostly a solo venture…and I frequently forget how much I gain when I get out amongst the “living” even when it involves doing events I’m not entirely comfortable with or haven’t tried before. Thankful…that’s what I am today.


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