Novel, New and Necessary — Laugh It Off Ladies with Rebecca Regnier

I can think of two things most people have too much of midway through this holiday season…too much food (generally the wrong kind) and too much of the, “I shouldn’t have eaten that…” regret (generally about how eating this food is affecting their health and weight). Let’s welcome a very happy diversion then into this “too much of a good thing” mix. I want to invite you to begin making laughing a part of your holiday (every Monday) tradition by learning along with the Laugh It Off Ladies whose tasteful mission it is to gently educate and inform their foodie fans by making nutritional health news palatable via their own brand of diet humor. Take it from me, Rebecca’s charm is contagious and you’ll start seeing the “funny” with every bite you take. Once you subscribe to Rebecca’s weekly column, it’s the gift of health that you keep on giving (to yourself) all year long. It’s Novel, New and Necessary!

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Rebecca Regnier – Buzz Broker

Rebecca brings 20 years of professional media experience to the table. She’s an Emmy winning news anchor and an award-winning journalist. She’s skilled at getting positive press for events, companies and non-profits. Rebecca is a Twitter pioneer who developed one of the first ever Twitter parties. Rebecca is a national expert in using social media to get results. She led her start up non-profit to the #1 spot in the nation for the Pepsi Refresh competition for $250,000. Rebecca is a humor writer and sought after producer of witty content for blogs, newsletters, and television. Rebecca’s worked with international companies from Disney© to Pepsi© to Weight Watchers© to spread the word on brands and campaigns. And she’s powered her tiny local non-profit into the national spotlight with her brand of bubbly buzz.


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