Novel, New and Necessary — Footed PJ’s for the Entire Family!

I have lots of fond memories relating to footed pajamas…I wore them as a kid…and outfitted my own four children in them for years. I loved these snuggly pj’s because our hardwood floors were chilly on their little toes and with our old farmhouse’s windy drafts these neck to tippy toe coverings kept the kids toasty warm. So, what a treat to discover a company that offers cool footed pj’s for the entire family! Check out the wide variety of styles and sizes…can anyone envision a Christmas card photo op here?

Adultfootedpjs.com sells footed pajamas to all ages and sizes.

Fast Footed Facts: This e-commerce store caters to and specializes in adult footed pajamas as they are such a novelty. All of the pajamas are made of a soft fleece and come in a variety of colors and prints. Many of the styles can be ordered with a “drop seat” as well. Families love these comfy pj’s because they can order matching pajamas for the entire family. They’re Novel, New and Necessary!


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