Burdens Do a Body Good Free E-Book Chapters

Chapter Nineteen

Financial Setbacks: How Material Wealth Insulates Us from What Matters Most

“We are not just physical stuff; we are spiritual beings. And our deepest hunger is spiritual. We hunger for meaning. We hunger for love. We hunger for redemption.”

John Ortberg in When the Game is Over It All Goes Back in the Box

Philosophers and theologians alike have long asserted and clung to the nonsensical notion that it is somehow beneath people of true character to acquire (or require) any form of material wealth. In their attempt to warn their following (ers) of succumbing to insatiable greediness; those who propose that money and what it provides flesh and blood human beings as wholly unnecessary couldn’t be farther from the mark. True enough, the lure of wealth in any form can slowly rob an individual of her life’s genuine and ever-lasting treasures.

And yet, in this real world inhabited with real people, there is a real need for money. Like it or not, financial wealth is the currency we live by and there’s no disputing it. The distinctive point is not whether we need money or not, we all do. The argument then is that individuals shouldn’t spend their entire life’s energy fighting hand over fist to get an increasingly larger share to covetously hoard. Everyone will admit there is more to life than the material substances we can see, taste, and touch. Still, there can be no denying that money is a great insulator. It offers us food, shelter, clothing, and a whole lot more. It protects from us lacking the same, and a whole lot more.

This “whole lot more” supposition is where the crux of the caution lies. Money can feed our bodies, but it does nothing for the soul, and we might well observe that our own current state of our economy is pressing hard this very point. As hardworking men and women stand to lose much of their earnings, we are all discovering how much value we’ve placed on this single faceted entity. Maybe it’s not possible to see it clearly given we live in the most prosperous nation on earth. Certainly, the loss of savings hurts, but can it heal? Can we allow our diminishing financial investments to nudge us toward greater ones, ones that outlive us?

We might ask ourselves if we are so used to being comfortable financially that as we lose this insulating buffer, we are at a total loss as knowing how to function well (or function at all)? This insidious reaction should warn and serve to alert us. The financial setback in reality just might “set us back enough” that we have no other choice but to make some changes, some soul searching ones. Once we recover, and we will, what then? Will we revert back to this earlier insular mindset? Hopefully not.

Little or a lot, money in itself never fully satisfying. We can wear ourselves thin attempting to make more, invest more, and make it multiply faster. But more is never enough when all you’re aiming at is being satiated with money for money’s sake. John Ortberg observes with irony, “That the world in which we live: we sell what nobody needs. But the problem of the human heart is: we need what nobody sells.”

Takeaway Action Thought

Reduce your expenses by reducing your appetites throughout every area of life; learn to equate reduction with freedom.

Weight Bearing Exercises for Body and Soul Health

When hard times hit, people try hard to save money wherever and whenever they can. They trim budgets, go out less, and make longer use of what material goods they already own. In similar fashion, when economic times get leaner, taking care of one’s physical health is “reduced” on the priority list. Still, there are some easy and simple ways to maintain excellent health. Look over the suggestions below for some of the cheapest ways to stay healthy.

· FREE BONUSES – Staying fit and healthy does not have to be expensive or complicated. The easiest, most natural way to get good exercise is to walk at least several times a week. You burn the same amount of calories walking a mile, as you do running. Walking also serves as a double-duty exercise as it offers both aerobic and weight bearing exercise benefits. Not only is walking good for your heart and waistline, it is good for bone health as well
· HOME SAVINGS – No one needs a pricey gym membership when you can workout at home. When the weather is moderate, get outside daily for that multi-beneficial walk. If the weather is bad, go to the local mall and walk indoors. Another option is to check out various types of exercise videos from your local library to offer some variety. Important: no matter what type of exercise you choose; statistics show that you will be more likely to stay with the program if you establish a regular schedule and stick to it. Another bonus to working out at home; it eliminates extra barriers such as inclement weather and travel time constraints.
· MARKET SMARTS – When it comes to healthy eating it is really quite simple; eat balanced. Focus on the fresh and unprocessed. Typically, fruits and vegetables are reasonable good sources of nutrition. “Diet” food tends to be more expensive and generally is no better for you than standard fare. As a rule, when you avoid processed food (think: those foods that come out of a box), you will be eating a healthy diet. Bonus tip: forgo the bottled water or soda. Opt for lots of plain tap water instead; your body needs it and it is basically free.

“Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you.”
Psalm 73: 25


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