Guest Posts

Guest Post by Rebecca Regnier – 52 Mondays – Short Attention Span Dieting

I’m delighted to include TV personality Rebecca Regnier’s 52 Mondays – Short Attention Span Dieting program to readers…enjoy, laugh, and learn a little too!

Gain a little weight on vacation? No you didn’t. Here’s some denial affirmations we tell ourselves.

1. It’s not fat it’s sand trapped in my suit.
2. It’s not fat it’s my new necklace made of shells.
3. Since it’s on my back and I can’t see it it doesn’t exist, thus, it’s not fat.
4. It’s not fat it’s “carry on” luggage. It will store underneath my seat conveniently out of sight.
5. I gained muscle from all the walking.
6. It’s not fat it’s the happiness and contentment I found on vacation that I’ve crammed into my soul.
7. My body is still on Pacific Time and my scale is on Eastern Standard so it’s just a 3 pound time difference.
8. It’s not official weight gain until one week AFTER vacation ends.
9. It’s still cold here so I need the extra weight for warmth.
10. The scale calls it three extra pounds, I call it a souvenir.


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