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When a Reviewer Gets Reviewed

It’s a daunting experience when a reviewer waits on another reviewer to review their work. It is! As a book reviewer, I’m all too aware of the stringent standards by which any reviewer holds to when they’re reading a text and gathering their thoughts on how to present their opinion to the world. When we read a book, we’re mentally weighing its strengths and weaknesses on every page. Deciding if the author has been successful or not in delivering what their title and sub-title promise. Reviewing truly is a bringing together of many diverse elements, summing them up, and then making a public declaration of a book’s merit. Knowing all that, having had our new book reviewed by my peers (and having had it well-received) means the world to me.

Burdens Do a Body Good: Meeting Life’s Challenges with Strength (and Soul) Michele Howe and Christopher A. Foetisch. Hendrickson, $14.99 paper (144p) ISBN 978-1-59856-433-1

Howe and Foetisch offer a unique blend of inspiration and practicality in their first book collaboration. Howe, a women’s lifestyle writer (Still Going It Alone) and PW reviewer, provides the inspirational flavor as she taps into the many personal and situational life challenges women face. Foetisch, an orthopedic surgeon, adds the “weight-bearing exercises”—health tips and practices—to heighten each chapter’s healing potential. Paired are such subjects as regret and the impact of stress on surgery recovery; parental behavior and handling disrespect; aging and good life habits. Occasionally a disconnect occurs between topic and accompanying exercise (hopelessness and rotator cuff tears, for example), but there are nuggets of truth throughout. Readers will find themselves in at least one of the 30 life challenges and “discover new ways of dealing with old problems.” (May) Publishers Weekly

“Women are constantly being challenged in every area of their lives. In Burdens Do a Body Good, Howe and Foetisch pair inspirational stories with practical women’s health recommendations. At the end of each chapter, the “Takeaway Action Thought” gives a quick overview of the information shared on each of the 30 different topics. This book is designed for a female audience interested in an intellectual approach to everyday challenges, but the information contained is as easily adaptable for men as their female counterparts. Whether you’re dealing with parenting, retirement, care-giving, or stress, each chapter will supply supportive, Christian-based ideas for not only surviving but growing through tough times.”
—Retailers and Resources


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