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Going It Alone and Still Going It Alone

I get lots of questions about why I write for single moms when I’m not one. Well, the Reader’s Digest version of that answer is this, two of my closest friends are single moms. Didn’t happen by choice or design, but it happened nonetheless. For the past seventeen or so years, these two fabulously talented and gifted women have been “Going It Alone” which is why this was the perfectly fitting title for my first book where I shared their stories (and those of other single moms), their challenges as well as their triumphs. Fast forward some years and my admiration and respect for these women has only grown stronger…just like they have. So, as they continue to parent their kids into college and beyond, their more recent experiences birthed, “Still Going It Alone” where I tell their stories (and many others) about facing the countless midlife changes with faith and finesse. I could go on and on about my friends’ lives and what valuable lessons I’ve learned from them…having these kinds of friendships is what makes my life so rich. When you read their stories your life will be enriched as well.


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