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You never realize how many people it takes to create a new product such as a book. You have the author of course, then there’s the publishing house made up of the editorial/marketing/advertising/sales/administrative staff/design team and more. Then there’s the agent, an author’s best friend and constant encourager. Not to mention, one’s fellow author friends and comrades in the battle…and just when you feel like sighing in relief that the bulk of the work is done……….you realize the real work has only just started.

Enter in the radio/tv/media blitz phase where you spend hours upon hours blearily making contacts and spreading the word about your new book to anyone within earshot. It’s exhausting and thrilling all at the same time. And when you get an invitation to appear on radio or tv…you almost weep in gratitude…something to show for your many solitary laborious hours. And that’s the truth.

So it is in that grateful posture that I want to share the fruit of this past week’s labor…I had the wonderful privilege of getting some press in print, on radio and on tv…all in one week! Each of these editors, radio and tv interviewers and hosts were blessings to me. 🙂

Thanks to ABC’s anchor Rebecca Regnier…

Thanks to Monroe Evening News editor Barb Krolak…

And thanks to radio personality Coach Marla…–author-of–burdens-do-a-body-good-mee


3 thoughts on “Radio, TV, Media

  1. Hi Michele,

    Thank you so much for mentioning me in your list of blessings, but you were such a delight to have as a guest on my radio program. You are an excellent author and deserve each and every invite you receive!!
    It was truly an honor that you excepted the invite and I consider it a true treasure & blessing of having you as my friend.

    Much Respect & Many Blessings
    Coach Marla

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